How to be a diy e-Bike YouTube superstar!


The environmentally minded amongst us will likely be aware of the growing trend for electric bikes, otherwise known as eBikes. Acting as an eco-friendly hybrid between a scooter a push bike, eBikes are popping up in towns and cities around the world.

However, for creative and mechanically minded bikers, a DIY approach is preferred. With fascinating results, some of these DIY projects are getting 1 million+ views on YouTube. Using some of these videos to illustrate, we take you step by step through what it takes to be a DIY eBike YouTube superstar. 

First things first

Let's start with the basics. What is an eBike?

This video by takes you through what they are and the advantages over other alternatives. 

Do it yourself

The video by EBR is a great introduction, but focuses specifically on the functions on manufactured off-the-shelf eBikes. Unfortunately, you are never going to reach YouTube stardom by riding a bike anyone can just buy. You need to add some novelty and creativity…you need to do it yourself.

In this video, Auto DIY walks you step-by-step through how to create your own electric bike.

Get creative

For those amongst us that like to get creative, a basic build like the one above may not quite hit the spot.

In this case, thinking out the box can make for a crazy and interesting electric bike build project. Our favourite example of this is a nuts project using the engine of an angle grinder to power the set up.Check it out below…

Take it for a spin

Now you have built your eBike, whether basic or insane, it's time to take it for a test ride.

Get your bike onto a long straight road and see how much speed your new toy can pick up in perfect conditions. By installing a simple speedometer will let you see exactly the how much speed you have achieved.

Make sure you get your top speed on camera to show off on YouTube and compare to others.

Don't overdo it, or do...

Electric bikes that kick out a lot of speed are making the biggest splash on YouTube. In fact, some builds are hitting over 45mph.

If you decide to super-charge your DIY build in some way, make sure you wear the correct protective gear. 

Hit the tracks

And now the real fun begins.

Hit the tracks with your bike and see how it fairs on rougher terrain. Attach your camera and let the world see your engineering skills in action.

Just make sure all the parts that make your bike go are securely fastened!

Clearly eBikes are making a buzz in the mountain bike world and on YouTube. Doing your own build is a good way to tap into this buzz and publically join in the electric bike revolution.

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