Kids 16" bikes - lightest and best on the market...

Kids bikes are big business, and recently, due to some clever and inventive small manufacturers, there has been massive growth in kids bike tech over the past 10 years. This competition from upstarts such as Islabikes and Earlyrider is why the big players in the bike world are pushing more and more investment into making their kids bike r...
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How to be a diy e-Bike YouTube superstar!

The environmentally minded amongst us will likely be aware of the growing trend for electric bikes, otherwise known as eBikes.  Acting as an eco-friendly hybrid between a scooter a push bike, eBikes are popping up in towns and cities around the world. However, for creative and mechanically minded bikers, a DIY approach is preferred. With fasci...
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Bike Parks in the UK - 6 of the best

Fancy a day at the park? As the popularity of mountain biking continues to grow we are seeing more and more bike parks popping up across the UK.  These new facilities offer bikers the opportunity to squeeze more riding into a shorter period of time, helping them improve their skills and ultimately have more fun. In this article we explore...
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