Kids 20" Dream Bike Build

​My 6 year old son is getting to the point where he needs a decent bike for riding the trails at our local centre. We are lucky to live within riding distance from a park with a good set of trails, so he is loving the berms, jumps and particularly the blue trail descents.  He's been riding a Cannondale Quick 20 . This ...
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Bike Weekends in the Alps

  The alps has always been popular amongst adrenaline seekers. Skiers and snowboarders from around the world visit its famous slopes every year to test out and improve their skills.  However, outside of the ski season, these slopes become home to crowds of adventurous mountain bikers. Looking to take advantage of the stunning vista and ep...
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MTB Drivetrains: 2x10 vs 1x11

2x10 or 1x11? Don't worry, we aren't revisiting primary school maths. But tackling a discussion that burns brightly in the mountain biking world.  Visit any MTB forum online and you will likely see some healthy debate around which drivetrain set up is the way forward. These discussions are usually ignited by someone seeking advice on which set...
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