Bike Weekends in the Alps


 The alps has always been popular amongst adrenaline seekers. Skiers and snowboarders from around the world visit its famous slopes every year to test out and improve their skills. 

However, outside of the ski season, these slopes become home to crowds of adventurous mountain bikers. Looking to take advantage of the stunning vista and epic terrain the area has to offer.

In this article, we take a look at the some of the best areas in the Alps for mountain bike enthusiasts looking to take a short holiday and enjoy the tracks.

Saint-Luc, Switzerland
For those seeking the quintessential single track Swiss routes, Saint-Luc offers options in spades. With stunning backdrops and breath taking views, this area is lesser known by the Alp visiting mountain biker crowds.

These tracks provide a quiet and equally brilliant alternative to the popular nearby Zermatt and the bike parks or the Sierra valley.

Le Tour, Chamonix, France
The Chamonix valley offers some of the best riding available in the Alps. This is peculiarly true of Le Tour, providing riders with an incredible views around every corner.  You can find the Le Tour area nestled in the Swiss end of the valley. It also has some of finest newbie friendly terrain available in the area, with gentle inclines and downhills.

Accessibility is excellent and most tracks can be reached within a short pedal of each other.

Crans-Montana, Switzerland
Switzerland's second entry to this list are the tracks at Crans-Montana.

The two tracks that are situated just above the village are some of the best man made runs you will ever have the chance to experience. This is likely due to the vast amount of money that is clearly present and invested into the area.

The path from Plaine Morte to Violettes is epic. Simply take the lift high to the starting point at Plaine Morte, which provides stunning views for riders to enjoy. Then allow gravity to assist your decent and enjoy the ride.

Alpe d'Huez, France
The avid mountain bikers amongst you have likely heard of the Megavalanche. This insane event covers 30km of track and 2,600m of vertical descent. It has rocketed the Alpe d'Huez area to fame amongst the MTB community.

The area offers a variety of terrain covering rocky tracks, forest trails, glaciers and moorland. This mixed environment provides a true enduro riding experience for those that visit.

Sauze D'Oulx, Italy
The only entry on this list nestled in the Italian part of the Alps is Sauze D'Oulx.

This is a great option for those that want to explore off the well-ridden paths of France and Switzerland. The area isn't huge on biking, however there is one of the best parks in the central Alps located in the area.

The riding is fun, flowing and natural with a mellow terrain. This is certainly a great park for those new to mountain biking or wanting a more relaxed biking experience.

It is clear that the Alps has a lot to offer to those looking to take a short mountain biking break. From extreme downhills to more mellow slopes and cross country climbs, there is something for every level of mountain biker.

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